Decentralized Leveraged Trading

Crypto, forex, and commodities. No sign up required.
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The Future of Leveraged Trading

Decentralized & Trustless

Trade without middlemen! Our platform is powered by smart contracts, so you stay in control.

Self Custody

No need to deposit or withdraw assets. Trade directly from your wallet, ensuring maximum security.

Permissionless Access

No KYC. No lengthy sign-ups. Start trading immediately.

Enhanced Security

The protocol is fully open-sourced and audited. No hidden logic - just transparent code.

Endless Trading Pairs

Explore unmatched trading with our platform's vast market pairs. Over 180 pairs of crypto, forex, and commodities.

Leading the Frontier

Guaranteed Execution

Never miss an opportunity. Our platform guarantees the execution of your trades.

One-Click Trading

No more wallet confirmations. Place orders in one click.

Trade on the Go

Trade anywhere, anytime. Our platform is optimized for mobile.


No delayed order systems. Instant fulfillment.

Trade with Confident Pricing

We aggregate prices from multiple leading exchanges to ensure you get the most accurate and reliable market data.

Maximize Your Potential

Our platform offers the highest leverage available. Push your trading limits.

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